weak immune system symptoms || in 2020

weak immune system symptoms

weak immune system symptoms :

weak immune system symptoms :

The corona virus is now trembling the world. We are still suffering from this virus. Some infected with the virus die due to lack of immunity due to lack of immunity. No vaccine for the virus so far More worrying.

Experts say that the only way we can avoid this virus is by keeping the physical distance and keeping the surroundings clean and at home.

On the other hand, immunity is crucial for survivors of the virus who have high levels of immunity, and this gives them confidence in the human being. Immunity is weak because of this.

Let’s find out what the actual immune deficiency symptoms are:

Frequent colds :

Immunity works unconsciously in our body We have immunity in every human body but when it is weak, it becomes very difficult for us to recover from any viruses.
People who have low immunity are often not at risk for colds and often suffer from colds.Cold sores occur three times a year in a normal human being.

Digestion Dysfunction:

Digestion is crucial keeping a man healthy.The body’s digestive system is also poorly immunized.If we are not digesting food we have many problems.

Understanding the digestive system is very important in the present situation. So take care to improve the digestive system.


Some people are very excited to work. And some people get tired of doing it right away Immediately tired of it is supposed to be low immunity. So get rid of fatigue by walking frequently.

Injury not immediate:

We see a decrease in injuries in healthy people.But some people think that if they are not injured quickly, the immunity is low.

Extreme stress:

Some people are cheerful and enthusiastic with no effect. They are not afraid of anything.Some of the little things are stressful and they have little to no immunity.So you need to try some way to boost immunity.

Sunburns along with vitamins can cause immunity
And overweight is also a part.So fruits that contain vitamin C are used to boost immunity, lemon, etc. In your diet, we can fight off the corona epidemic.

stay safe and stay at home

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