types of headaches || How to treatment ?

headache types

types of headaches :

types of headaches : All have common headaches.It has different treatments and different reasons.

There are two types of headaches that come with headache: primary and secondary. Secondary headaches are caused by certain complications in the brain. These require lantern treatment. Otherwise primary headaches are the most frequent headaches. There are eight types of these. The pain is coming from the head, which is caused by a chemical balance in the brain.

types :

Migraine :

Pain in the right or left parts of the head is a migraine pain. Migraine headache problem is present in many. Especially in teenage children. This headache does not diminish quickly. It stays there for a few days. This pain only comes to one side of the head.


Some people have headaches, including vomiting and nausea. Stress, junk food, overeating, changes in the environment, alcohol, sun exposure, etc.


Treatment requires some relaxation with yoga and meditation.

Cluster Pain:

If you have pain around one eye or eyeball, it is a cluster headache. When these headaches occur, the eye becomes inflamed and swollen.Watery eyes and nosebleeds may also occur. The pain lasts from one hour to three hours. Every once in a while it comes to a single time of day. Do this for 8 to 10 weeks.Once that happens, that can stay for a year. Once this is done, it will not last for a year or so, for a period of 8-10 weeks in a single day. Especially for this headache

Whatever the reasons are …

Whatever may be caused by some abnormal condition in the head, it should be treated promptly without neglect.

Sinus :

Sinus headache is the area between the top of the nose and the forehead. Pain on the nose, forehead or between the legs should be recognized as a sinus headache. Some odors can be awkward when it comes to headaches.


This headache can be caused by any infections, tumors and allergies near the nose.


This should definitely be treated. Drink plenty of good water, catch steam, exercise and do some relaxation.

Tension pain :

This headache comes when you are under severe stress. This includes severe pain around the head. The head feels so heavy. It just comes down to tension. Especially in females. This pain comes most often in the evenings and at night.


Working too many nights can also cause this pain.


When this pain comes, you should drink plenty of water, and with pain killers this pain will ease. If not, consult your doctor immediately.

Stress pain :

This type of headache comes when the body and brain are tired of working too much. The pain lasts for up to 5 minutes and can last up to three days.


Excessive exercise, excessive weight lifting, are the causes of this type of headache. This pain is most often in the middle of the forehead or in the middle.


When you have such pain, you should give your body and brain as much rest as possible and avoid coffee teas. When you have a headache, you should drink plenty of water.

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