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teens in trouble

teens problems

teens problems : Is your child not sweet that he/she actually is !?, Is she/he not listening to you now-a-days !?


They are now teenagers.You missed to notice that, isn’t it ! Children between the age 13 – 19 are the teens. It is the most crucial age that brings lot many changes in their life. That will be still a sweet child, you will be looking in to and expect them to be the same. But, then comes this horrified truth of teenage where the same innocent child who always listens to you and jumps around you is now suddenly not actually the same. It is not only the most precious part of children’s life, but also the most sensitive and crucial.

teenage life :

It is the most beautiful part, where in they grow up in to buds which are ready to blossom any moment. Not only beauty, happiness but it is also the time for many troubles. Because, they are now entering in to the real world, getting to know things better.

  • They might not listen to you.
  • sometimes skipping classes
  • rude behaviour
  • being alone
  • not sharing things with family or hiding things
  • lying, etc.

If you, find any of the above behavioural changes, it means they are certainly facing some issues. It is the age where teens are always excited to try or do something new which might involve dangers sometimes. They think that they are aware of things they are doing, but they lack in judgement and experience. This is the time wherein parents have to pay much attention towards their children.

They involved in certain things like playing choker game, going to rave parties which involves many accidents.

Teenage behaviour

Every teenager deserves to know what is right and what is wrong. And it is the responsibility of parents to make their children aware. Especially, girls. Parents should teach their teens, what are the precautions and safety measures they must take while going somewhere or before doing something. Parents are first friends that their children should have. Talk with children, share each other’s things. Tell them about your teenage. Don’t be shy!, talk every odd thing possible. Make, children comfortable. It is that point of age, where teenagers should feel comfortable to discuss anything with parents.

Teens, we know that you make mistakes, some are unforgivable. But, know that there is no one who can protect you other than your parents. They might shout at you, be harsh on you. Just, know that they love you beyond anything and everything.

Stay safe !

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