teenage communication problems || tips to communicate

teenage communication problems

teenage communication problems

teenage communication problems Teenagers always set difficulties for Parents. Their thoughts are always different from their parents. Communication with teenagers is different from communicating with younger children. Also causes conflict and stress sometimes. They tend to be arrogant yet sensitive. There arises, these teenage communication problems.

communication Issues with children

Adolescence is a time of rapid change. Not only for children, but also for parents. And, yes it might be hard sometimes.

  • You always see your kids as children, but the fact is they grow up without you even noticing.
  • As, they are adults now, they feel like you should respect their opinions. Also, expect you to give importance to their thoughts and ideas.
  • When you don’t do that they feel ignores and are likely to show arrogant behaviour.
  • They are now eligible to learn how to take decisions.
  • Talk to them, discuss with them. Listen to their ideas, thoughts and approach.
  • If they are good , in their way encourage it. Otherwise, explain them why it is not.
  • This transition phase is very important for both parents and children. Show them that you care, love and respect.
  • They may have view points different from you. But after all, they are an advance version of you.
  • Be proud and don’t be overprotective.
  • pave a path from them to see things from their own perspective with your support.

secret tips to communicate

Be patient to listen : 

Allow,them to talk. Tell them what is the proper way to talk or the way which others would appreciate if they are not right in their way. You might feel that whatever they are saying is wrong. But, don’t deny that directly. Give them some time to explain. Try to listen and understand to what they say.

Do not get aggressive : 

Your child might do some mistake. However, big you feel it is, do not let it out. Remember, that they are not kids anymore. Try to know what is the reason behind their doing. Try to explain them that it is not right in a proper and non-aggressive way.

Use open questions: 

Using open questions is another vital tool in making communicating with teenagers easier. They give a scope for you to communicate with your children. Closed questions gives you answers which tend to close a conversation even before it starts. For example, ask them “How was your day at school ?” which brings up a conversation. Do not ask closed questions such as “Do you have homework ?” Such questions gets you only one word answers such as “yes” or “No” which are of utterly no purpose.

Treat them as adults: 

Whether you accept it or not. Or, happy or not they ARE adults. Don’t try to impose things on them or expect them to do as you say without questions. Because, they simply will get offended. Consider, a talk with them. Discuss your personal and family matters with them. Ask, them for suggestions. Treat them as a responsible person in, for and of the family.

Just, see the magic. You will know that your loving, innocent, little kids are now amazing, smart and thoughtful adults.

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