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parenting plans :

parenting plans : parents are Today’s kids are smart, talented and equally naughty. Thus, makes it hard for their parents to raise them. It is true that most of their habits and psychology will develop, when the baby is it’s mother’s womb. They start learning from that stage itself. So, parents your children are fast learners. Be careful while handling things with them. They are far more than you think. Children are like saplings to which we must water, monitor and care all the time. Only, then they grow in to responsible and respected citizens. Hence, not just parenting but positive parenting is a way to put on them on the right track.

We see many awful things happening in our society like theft, murders, rapes and many more. Why? It’s because they are not under proper parenting, because no one is taking care of them, none are bothering to correct them and most importantly parents are not giving me enough love. This is where, most of the parents fail. Giving riches, things whatever they ask for or giving them the best that you can afford is not actual love. Yes, it is a way to show your love but there are more important things that children should be taught. They should know how hard you work for the sake of them, for the sake of your family. Show them, what love is, what caring means. It needs lots and lots of efforts to learn to children because they are not always the same.

how to behave with your children:

  • Study your children constantly. It is most important to spend time with them, otherwise they might feel ignored which might lead in to something nasty.
  • Teach them to respect fellow beings and most importantly their opposite gender.
  • Don’t ever give money to their hands, buy things for yourself and gift them if you have to.
  • Ask them to play with other kids rather than giving mobiles to their hands.
  • Show them that you couple are loving to each other.
  • The biggest mistake that today’s parents do unconsciously is that, they fight in front of children, abuse each other which show a very negative impact on your children.
  • Your fights might scare them or also might hate you for doing so.
  • They will never ever be truthful to you. Unknowingly, they think that it’s okay to shout at someone or fight or be aggressive to anyone.
  • Tell your kids that you both love them, appreciate if they do something good. Go on vacations together.
  • Be a friend, to your kids instead of being authoritative, make them learn that it is okay for them to talk anything with you, including their relationships.
  • This is the main reason why we see so many nasty things are happening in the society. Children have a fear that parents might not understand their situation and hence land up in such a situation which can never be recovered.
  • You being a friend to them and shower them with love is the most valuable gift that you can ever give to your kids.

Happy Parenting ! 🙂


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