immunity boosting food for kids || immunity boosting food

immunity boosting food for kids

immunity boosting food for kids :

immunity boosting food for kids,Every mother thinks about how to be healthy.How to be a child nowadays is a question because we need to know how to fight them because flu and illnesses are so prevalent in them. Because we need so much immune power.Some specially good healthy foods should be provided to increase immunity power for the child at this time.
So let us now know what kind of food..

immune system booster foods :


immunity boosting foods for children's

Berries boost immunity in children. Vitamin C is available in strawberries, blueberries, blackberries.Make them like juice and give it to the child. Usually children love berries.Berries provide the power to boost their favorite but also immune power.So serve them berries.Eat freely ..

Greek yogurt :

immune boosting foods for toddlers

This protects against gastrointestinal diseases like lactobacillus and helps boost the body’s immunity to colds and other infections.There are many benefits to taking Greek yogurt. Contain more protein than the usual variety and give it to your child to eat granola, fruits and nuts mixed with honey.

Green Broccoli:


Green broccoli contains vitamins that help boost immunity, a vitamin “E” that helps the body fight off bacteria and a variety of viruses. Add broccoli to your diet and serve it to your child.


foods to improve immunity in toddlers

Eating a fish diet in the form of vitamins for your child will provide good protein.Choosing good food is just that.So this fish also helps in providing good nutrition for your child

Zinc Food:

Zinc Food is essential not just for your children but for pregnant women.So it is very useful for children and pregnant women.Zinc boosts white blood cells and T-cells.
So, take Zinc Food in your daily diet. The ingredients you should take are “Zinc-rich foods include fortified cereals, lean meats, poultry, nuts, whole grains, and beans”.


food to boost immune system for babies


Provide children with adequate nutrients and fruits containing vitamin “C” Provide the body with nutrients and immunity to the body. To help fruits with vitamin C, provide cantaloupe and kiwi with citrus fruits like oranges.

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