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happy independence day :

happy independence day, We owe a lot to the fighters who gave us freedom because we have freedom today and it is those fighters. We celebrate our independence on August 15th, 1947 with great joy.So today is an important day with us. We celebrate by giving greetings to the fighters who have given us so much freedom. It is also a pleasure to wish all the wishes of those who want us. These quotations are for you as they recall the sacrifices they made and salute them:

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independence day wishes

“I salute all the fighters of our country and wish all of us to celebrate this and wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.”


“We are all proud of Indians because we salute the math fighters we have achieved in India.

independence day

“Happy Independence Day” to all those who have given us so much freedom and to remember them today


“wishes to all the Indians as we celebrate our Independence Day with good wishes, salute the sacrifices of the warriors for the country, and liberate ourselves.”

happy independence day 2019

“Happy Independence Day to the fighters who sacrificed for the country and brought us freedom”


“Remembering the fighters who fought for the country and won the war, we are celebrating today”

independence day

“It must be said that the great ones have sacrificed their lives for us.we are saluting such fighters and hoping that we too will do good to the country”


“We salute all those who fought for the country, all those who sacrificed their lives for our freedom.Today we celebrate independence, Jaihind

the independence day

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