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ghosts in real life

ghosts in real life

ghosts in real life As, per our mythology,every human or animal that is dead will have another life after their death. Especially, if we speak of humans many of us believe in this. The concept of having another lifeless life after death in the form of spirits in the air. We call them as ghosts.

ghosts are real?

So, ghosts exist in real life !? According, to a survey there are around 40-45% of people who believe that ghosts are real, from all over the world. According, to Hindu mythology it’s a belief, after death of a person his/her soul remains or opts to stay around it’s home and people until 10 days. Hence, on the 11th day, they perform some rituals to send that spirit away to find it’s peace. They perform these rituals every month, which is referred as ‘masikam’ meaning ‘month’. Because people believe that, the soul remains around until a year. It is so, because the pandits are saying  that aatma will not be willing to leave it’s family and home. Hence, people keep giving food every month which is called as ‘pindapradanam’ meaning offering food.


The word which gives quivers in everyone’s body is ‘ghost’.  Why are we afraid of ghosts, when they were once people?Is there a difference between spirit and a ghost ?  Yes, there is. Spirits are the good ones, which mean no harm to people and will stay at peace. But, whereas ghosts are the ones, who didn’t have a peaceful death or who died of unfulfilled wishes. They

are not at peace.

Hence, people consider them to be problematic. One, of the creepy facts is that even when we are alive our spirit leaves the body while we are asleep and comes back when we wake up again. According to few people, it is one of the reasons why we see dreams and feel it very real. This is one side of the coin, however as per science it is our subconscious memory that will come up in dreams.

ghost stories

We have numerous haunted places in the world, which are very popular. Some of them are below.

  • Raynham Hall, Norfolk, England
  • Poveglia Island, Venice, Italy
  • Bhangarh fort, India
  • Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel, Canada
  • Stanley Hotel, Estes park, CO
  • Tunnel No.33, Shimla
  • Shaniwarwada fort, Pune
  • Feroz shah Kotla Fort, Delhi
  • Kuldhara, Rajasthan

There are many more, if we keep on mentioning.

Let’s talk about few ghost stories behind these haunted places.

The story behind Bhangarh fort is that, a magician in love with princess Ratnavathi, died while using black magic to conquer her. Before dying, he cast a spell on the fort . Even, today his screams are audible.

Shimla-kalka route have one of the longest tunnels in world. Reportedly, a voice of dead British Railway Engineer is audible in tunnel no: 33 . However, he is considered to be a friendly ghost.

Shaniwarwada fort is one of the biggest forts in Maharashtra. A young prince Narayanrao- fifth and ruling peshwa has been murdered on orders of his uncle Raghunathrao and aunt Anandibai. Various people around that area are hearing the boy’s cries to save him during nights.

These are some of the stories behind the above haunted places.

Will be back, with more interesting facts and stories, shortly. Stay tuned !

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