children’s day activities || children’s day celebration ideas

childrens day activities
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children’s day activities:

children’s day activities : Jawaharlal Nehru’s birthday is on November 14th Jawaharlal Nehru’s children are also known as “Chacha Nehru” On such a day, The children celebrate with great pleasure. A day like this is celebrated worldwide.

The children are having a lot of fun as they celebrate this event every year.Nehru believes that children are the leaders of tomorrow. The children’s day is celebrated on the birthday of Nehru, as children like Nehru.

Some Activities on Children’s Day Some ideas for you.

1. Dance Party:

children's day games and activities

Dance party is a joy for children.So the favorite songs of the child.Dance programs with their friends and enjoy the day.

2. Interesting Activities:

children's day craft ideas

Active activities like what children like.They have a lot of fun working together.In doing their favorite thing for those who have a lot of activity on Children’s Day. They are very hilarious.

3. Costume Party:

Add a child’s favorite costume and play it as they please, making them fit into that costume and remembering their childhood memories.Add them and keep them happy.

4. Food:

children's day celebration ideas

Make favorite food and feed your child. Happy day with unexplained happiness .Happy day on children’s day is very bustling day so you are happy with your children.

5. Picnic:

childrens ctivities for school age children

Picnic is a favorite for anyone.There are many parks and zoos to show off.Take them to the picnic.They have a lot of fun in their favorite environment and you’ll be happy with them.

Different games:

Games for kids means everyone loves it.But playing different games with Pill makes them a lot more fun to learn and have fun. New games are cheering for such new games.


Make your children happy on the day they know what you like and make them happy on Children’s Day… “Happy children’s day”

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