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telugu rakhi

telugu rakhi : telugu rakhi : తెలుగు సాంప్రదాయంలో “అన్నా,చెల్లెల అనుబంధానికి,ఆప్యాయతకి మరో రూపం ఈ రాఖీ పండుగ, ఎందుకంటే పండుగలు ఎన్నో వస్తుంటాయి. అవి అందరూ కలిసి చేసుకునే పండుగలు, కానీ మనకు ప్రత్యేకముగా అన్నా, చెల్లెల కి ఈ పండుగ ఎంతో ప్రత్యేకం, రాఖీ పండుగని జరుపుకుంటున్న వారందరికీ మా తెలుగు మదర్ తరుపున,రాఖీ పండుగ శుభాకాంక్షలు తెలియజేస్తున్నాము… రాఖీ పండుగ ఒక అన్న చెల్లెల అనుబంధానికి నిదర్శనం.. అన్న లేదా తమ్ముడు బాగుండాలని, విజయాన్ని సాధించాలని, సోదరి రాఖీ ని […]

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national cousins day || best wishes with images 2020

national cousins day

national cousins day : national cousins day : We have a lot of bonds and relationships. It is cousins. Because they share their love and affection with us. That kinship with us is helping us in many ways, supporting us in our love and sharing everything. So Cousins ​​Day is celebrated all over the world on July 24. So if […]

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national sisters day || images, best quotes 2020

national sisters day

national sisters day : national sisters day  : Sister’s Day has a peculiarity to it. Because everyone has a companion and God gives us the Sisters to have a companion even when it is full. Therefore, from an early age we have been with him as a companion, mentor, friend, spirit and Sister, giving us the happiness. Sister’s can fight, […]

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types of headaches || How to treatment ?

headache types

types of headaches : types of headaches : All have common headaches.It has different treatments and different reasons. There are two types of headaches that come with headache: primary and secondary. Secondary headaches are caused by certain complications in the brain. These require lantern treatment. Otherwise primary headaches are the most frequent headaches. There are eight types of these. The […]

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happy independence day || quotes, wishes with images 2020

independence day wishes

happy independence day : happy independence day, We owe a lot to the fighters who gave us freedom because we have freedom today and it is those fighters. We celebrate our independence on August 15th, 1947 with great joy.So today is an important day with us. We celebrate by giving greetings to the fighters who have given us so much […]

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snacks for kids || healthy and easy snacks ideas for kids

snacks for kids

snacks for kids: snacks for kids , A healthy diet for children as well as snacks that are high in protein are essential for those who like snacks more than food.But they are not good for a child to eat because they do not frequent with starchy flour. If you want to spend some time at home and give your […]

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immunity boosting food for kids || immunity boosting food

immunity boosting food for kids

immunity boosting food for kids : immunity boosting food for kids,Every mother thinks about how to be healthy.How to be a child nowadays is a question because we need to know how to fight them because flu and illnesses are so prevalent in them. Because we need so much immune power.Some specially good healthy foods should be provided to increase […]

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